The Arbeia Society

The Arbeia Society

What do we do?

Our aims are:

• To promote the study of, and interest in, Arbeia Roman Fort and other Roman sites, especially those in the North East region.

• To carry out archaeological research.

• Through Quinta, to recreate as accurate a picture as possible of life in the third century at Arbeia.

• To engage in reconstruction archaeology.

• To raise funds for archaeological work at Arbeia, and in the region generally.

The Gatehouse at Arbeia
An Artist's impression of Arbeia Fort
Cavalry at the Arbeia Gatehouse
Aerial View of Arbeia


• A major annual conference on aspects of Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Britain.

• Occasional lectures and social meetings.

• Use of the Library at Arbeia Roman Fort.

• Members may also, on occasion, join the excavations on the site, or fieldwork run by the Society.

The Arbeia Society is a registered charity - no. 1041609

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