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The Arbeia Society produces two regular publications, the Arbeia Magazine and the Arbeia Journal.

The Arbeia Magazine is published twice a year with a range of articles and illustrated stories covering the Society’s activities and archaeological work carried out in the region.

The Society also publishes the Journal series, consisting of papers focusing on Roman period archaeological research in the region and the results of re-enactment research, plus full of excavation reports.

In addition, other relevant publications are made available to members at reduced rates.

Some Recent Publications

Understanding Hadrian’s Wall is the publication of a conference on Hadrian’s Wall held at South Shields in 2006.  It contains a wide range of papers discussing the archaeology of the Hadrian’s Wall, and explaining how recent archaeological discoveries have re-opened debates about its function and appearance.

The Roman Army in Northern England, by  Paul Bidwell and Nick Hodgson, was issued in 2009 to coincide with the XXI International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies, hosted by TWM Archaeology at Newcastle.  It is a complete gazetteer of Roman military sites in northern England south of Hadrian’s Wall, the first such comprehensive handbook to these often spectacular and neglected ‘hinterland forts’ ever to be attempted.

Hadrian’s Wall 1999-2009 is the Handbook compiled by Nick Hodgson to accompany the XIII Pilgrimage of Hadrian’s Wall in summer 2009. It gives a complete account of archaeological research on the Wall over the last decade, and has accounts of all recent excavations on the wall, written by the excavators concerned.

Roman Scotland was compiled by Nick Hodgson and issued as a handbook to participants in the Congress of Roman Frontier Studies excursion into Scotland in 2009.  It gives an account of the Roman sites that can be visited there as well as details of the latest discoveries and developments in the study of Roman Scotland.

All these books are printed on high quality paper and lavishly illustrated, and available at special discount prices from the Arbeia Society.

Understanding Hadrian's Wall
(ed. Paul Bidwell)
£20 non-members
£15 members
The Roman Army in Northern England
Paul Bidwell and Nick Hodgson
£14 £2
Roman Scotland
Nick Hodgson
£6 £1.50
Hadrian's Wall 1999-2009
Nick Hodgson
£10 £2
The Roman Baths as A Roman Symbol
Tyne and Wear Museums and the European union
£5 non-members
£5 members
The Twelfth Pilgrimage of Hadrian’s Wall, 1999: A Report
B. J. N. Edwards and D. J. Breeze
£5 non-members
£5 members
The Roman Fort at Wallsend (Segedunum). Excavations in 1997-98
N. Hodgson
£19.95 non-members
£15 members
Archaeologia Aeliana Articles
Various volumes.
70p non-members
50p members
Excavations at Stockbridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1995
L. Truman
£6 non-members
£4 members
Current Archaeology: Issue 164
Special Issue: Hadrian’s Wall
£3 non- members
£3 members
South Shields Archaeological and Historical Papers
Various Articles
50p non-members
50p members
Heritage of the North Sea Region: Conservation and Interpretation
L. M. Green and P. T. Bidwell
£20 non-members
£15 members
Arbeia Society Available Publications
Title Price P&P
Arbeia Journal Vols. 2 to 5

£5 non-members
£4 members

Arbeia Journal Vols. 8 and 9 £15 non members £12 members £4.50

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