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The Arbeia Journal

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Volume 1 1992
W. B. Griffiths The hand-thrown stone
N. Hodgson Ebchester Roman Fort: a survey of the evidence
S. C. Speak Ceremonial landscapes in prehistory: catastrophic creations?
M. E. Snape Documentary research on Benwell and Wallsend
W. B. Griffiths Survey of the remains of Chesters Roman Bridge
G. Stobbs A note on the medieval bridge across the North Tyne at Chollerford
A. T. Croom Quinta’s wooden practice swords
 Excavation Summary (ed) M. E. Snape South Shields, Jarrow, Wallsend (Buddle Street), Wallsend (Fort Ditches), Chesters Roman Bridge, Oakwellgate, Carley Hill
G. Stobbs Woodward, Shrines and Sacrifice
R. C. Oram Connolly, The Roman Fort, Tiberius Claudius Maximus (2 Vols)
W. B. Griffiths Hyland, Equus: the Horse in the Roman World
I. P. Stephenson Southern and Dixon, The Roman Cavalry


Volume 2 1993
W. B. Griffiths & D. Sim Experiments with replica Roman javelins
M. E. Snape A group of brooches in the Museum of Antiquities, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
W. B. Griffiths Excavation to the north-east of Wallsend Roman Fort – 1993
D. Sim The manufacture of javelin heads
A. T. Croom The reconstruction of a Roman vexillum
P. Carrick & I .P. Stephenson Painting a Roman shield
Excavation Summary South Shields (Morton Walk), South Shields (Mill Dam), Washing Wells
D. Robinson Wass The Amateur Archaeologist
W. B. Griffiths Potter & Johns, Roman Britain
G. Stobbs Hopkins, Walking the Wall
P. Mullis Peterson The Legions Recreated in Colour Photographs

Volume 3 1994
W. B. Griffiths & P. Carrick Reconstructing Roman slings
M. E. Snape & P. T. Bidwell The Vicus of the Roman Fort at Wallsend, Tyne & Wear

N. Holbrook & S. C. Speak with a contribution from G. Stobbs
Washing Wells Roman Fort: a transcription of the aerial photographs and an assessment of the evidence
  A.T.Croom The painted vellixum and shields
Excavation Summary South Shields (Morton Walk), Ancroft, Benwell, Druridge Bay, Hylton Castle, Longhorsley, College Valley, Sunderland, Wallsend (Buddle Street), Wallsend (Rawdon Court), West Weetwood Moor.
W. B. Griffiths Campbell, The Roman Army, a Sourcebook
J. McKelvey Barker, Techniques of Archaeological Excavation, 3rd ed

Volume 4 1995
W. B. Griffiths Experiments with plumbatae
D.Sim Experiments to examine the manufacturing techniques used to make plumbatae
M. E. Snape & S. C. Speak An excavation on Dere Street at Riding Mill
I. P. Stevenson Thoracomachus
A. T. Croom A hoard of Roman military equipment from South Shields
W.B.Griffiths A reinstated section of the Branch Wall at Wallsend
Excavation Summary South Shields (Arbeia), South Shields (Brigham and Cowan Yard), South Shields (Morton Walk), Berwick-upon-Tweed, Corbridge, Hylton Castle, Newcastle (Bridge Hotel), Tynemouth
Review article  
N. Hodgson A view of Roman Frontiers for the 1990s. Whittaker, Frontiers of the Roman Empire: a social and economic study


Volume 5 1996
P. T. Bidwell Some aspects of the development of later Roman fort plans
A. T. Croom & M. E. Snape Lost small finds from South Shields Roman Fort and vicus
W. Leslie & A.T. Croom An experiment in protecting Roman military equipment from rust
W. B. Griffiths Modern inscription from Wallsend
Excavation summary South Shields (Arbeia), Berwick-upon-Tweed, Ebchester, Hylton Castle, Newcastle (Bridge Hotel)
W. B. Griffiths Speidel, Riding for Caesar
A. T. Croom Dixon & Southern, The Late Roman Army
N. Hodgson Charles M. Daniels, MA, FSA

Volume 6-7 1997-98 (2001) Single volume
Now out of print. Off-prints are available on request, price £3 for articles and £2 for notes (plus postage and packing).
P. T. Bidwell A probable shipwreck on the Herd Sand at South Shields
N. Hodgson The origins and development of the Roman military supply-base at South Shields: an interim report on the results of excavations in the eastern quadrant and central area, 1990-2000
A. T. Croom Experiments in Roman military cooking

S. Macpherson & P. T. Bidwell
Excavations at Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the
position of Hadrian’s Wall and the Vallum
A.T. Croom A ring mail shirt from South Shields Roman Fort
A. T. Croom Torc beads from South Shields Roman Fort
M. Snape
Roman brooches of Dacian type found at South Shields Roman Fort
D. Sim Experiments to fire or bake sling shot in an open fire
S. Speak & I. Walker A new building record form Hadrian’s Wall
A. T. Croom Some finds from the 1997-98 excavations at South Shields Roman fort


Volume 8 2005
D. J. Breeze Destruction on Hadrian’s Wall
J McKelvey & P. Bidwell The excavations of prehistoric features and Hadrian’s Wall at Nos 224-228 Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne
T. Frain, J. McKelvey & P. Bidwell Excavations and watching brief along the berm of Hadrian’s Wall at Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne, in 2001-2002
P. Bidwell The systems of obstacles on Hadrian’s Wall: their extent, date and purpose
P. Murley Archaeological fire investigation
J. Poulter The direction of planning of the eastern sector of Hadrian’s Wall and the Vallum, from the River North Tyne to Benwell, west of Newcastle upon Tyne
A. T. Croom & A. Caffell Human remains from South Shields Roman Fort and its cemetery
A. T. Croom Roman cosmetics
C. Wallace A reconstructed Roman watch-tower of the early twentieth century at Kirklees, West Yorkshire
P. Bidwell with a contribution by R. Brickstock Additional notes on a probable Roman shipwreck on the Herd Sand at South Shields
B. Hoffmann

Caesar, the Nervii, and testing heated sling shot


Volume 9 2010
N. Hodgson Roman architectural fragments at Corbridge: a survey and study
M. Snape, P. Bidwell, G. Stobbs Excavations in the military vicus south west of the Roman fort at South Shields in 1973, 1988 and 2002
P. J. Casey and P. Howard A geophysical survey at Washing Wells Farm, Whickham, Tyne and Wear
A. T. Croom and A. C. Caffell Further finds and human remains from the cemetery outside South Shields Roman fort
J. McKelvey The excavation of Hadrian's Wall at Nos 24-46, Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne
A. T. Croom A fragmentary altar from outside South Shields Roman fort
R. M. McBride Roman pottery from 59 Denhill Park, Benwell



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